It doesn’t matter who you are, where you have been, how much money is in your bank account or who you know. A reputable escort will most likely want to screen you. 

Us companions do this in order to protect ourselves from unsavory people with abusive or violent tendencies, as well as to protect ourselves from uncle LEO.

There are many ways to screen a client! Some escorts’ screening process may be more extensive than others. Your legal name, city of residence, occupation, phone number and other details can help us determine that you are the person you say you are and wether we should move forward with our date.

Other times, companions will ask for a clients online identities to confide with other ladies about experiences they might have had with the client.

The screening process can be a difficult one for both gentlemen and their companions, even though it’s an essential part of the encounter. 

Clients are often understandably defensive and reluctant to reveal details about their personal lives in the interest of privacy. However, escorts are not looking to snoop into your private life; they are simply trying to get a handle on whether you are a safe client to trust or not.

Because the screening part is imperative for you to obtain an encounter with an escort, it’s most advantageous to cooperate with the process as best that you can.

Here are ways in which you can help companions throughout the process. Please note that this is the standard with any reliable Dallas Escorts- I would be more apprehensive of meeting with providers who don’t screen.

  1. Always tell the truth. 
  2. Reading people is something we need to be good at to literally survive in this business. We can tell usually easily tell if you are telling the truth. 
  3. Please do not lie about your are, appearance, occupation, or anything for that matter. When you provide false information, you give us a reason to believe you are not trustworthy or you are hiding something we should be nervous about. Provide clear, concise answers to her questions. Dishonesty during this process usually results in delaying the screening process even more, or declining the appointment all together.
  4. Avoid being defensive. 
  5. When your potential date asks you questions, she isn’t trying to pry or to leverage information for any other motive other than to confirn whether it’s safe to schedule a date with you. Getting defensive and giving vague or incomplete answers indicates to an escort that you are probably hiding something. Your escort understands that you don’t want the entire world (or your family, friends or employers) to know you’re booking an encounter with an escort. Perhaps, after telling your escort you’re a little afraid to share too much, she will be able to gently get enough information to check you out, without you feeling like you’ve divulged your full identity to her.
  6. Don’t hide details that will help your escort find out information about you.
  7. Often, a client will knowingly give a provider a nickname or title that is difficult to find or differentiate. (Robert Daniels might give his name as Bobby Lee McDaniel, even though he regularly goes by Robert Daniels professionally.) Be as open as you can about the details you provide to your escort so she can easily move through the screening process.
  8. Be sure you want to book an encounter when you call. 
  9. When you book an encounter for the first time with an escort, she is going to ask you questions to confirm you are who you claim to be. If you’re not sure you want to book an encounter in the first place, or don’t want to go through the screening process, don’t waste her time. This is an easy way to get labeled a time waster.
  10. Follow directions. 
  11. Some escorts screen clients by eye-balling them before they arrive for an encounter, especially the companions who work from home. For instance, she may request you to walk a block to her incall. Unbeknownst to you, she may be able to view you from her window. However, If you fail to follow her instructions, she may think you have other ulterior motives. For the purpose of maintaining the privacy of her home address, she may call off the encounter if you fail to follow her directions. Trust that her instructions have purpose and follow them.
  12. Show your ID if asked. 
  13. When you arrive for an encounter the first time with an escort, it’s not uncommon for her to ask to see your identification right away (unbeknownst to most clients, by this point, most of us know your first and last name, have all your social media links, have ran a background check, and can see all the phone numbers and addresses linked to you— so don’t be nervous about what we might see on your ID). Have your driver’s license or other identification ready for us to see, if asked. The purpose of this is to confirm the information you provided us for screening matches the person who just showed up, and that you did not provide us an acquaintances personal information instead. Refusing to show your identification makes your companion think that you are hiding something from her, which puts up red flags telling her to leave. Openly show your picture ID so that she knows you are who you claim to be. 
  14. Cut her some slack if she seems a bit obsessive over safety when she’s going through her screening process. 
  15. Her safety may have been compromised in the past due to lax screening procedures or she may have had a brush with the law. She could also be keeping your freedom and reputation intact by her careful screening tactics. If she’s being targeted by the police, they may monitor all of her encounters they can track. By screening closely, she may avoid law enforcement attention, which keeps you free and clear, too.

Finally, remember a reputable provider will immediately discard your information after your meeting. The reason for this is to not leave a trail of information in the event her privacy was compromised. A kind reminder or confirmation that your information was discarded is socially accepted. 

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