Verification is required without any exceptions, It is only for my personal safety. All info is hosted in a secure server overseas, and will be discarded after our initial meet.

I reserve every right to ask for supplementary information at my discretion.

I currently offer FIVE different ways to screen!

Choose ONE of the following options:

1 – Employment Verification

I accept: LinkedIn, online company directory page, or picture of business card. 
Click here to schedule a date by screening with employment info.

2 – Government Issued ID

I require two separate pictures.
-First picture: your government-issued ID next to a handwritten piece of paper with my full name and today’s date.
-Second picture: A frontal picture of you holding the ID and same handwritten piece of paper next to your face. *See reference image* Please send pictures directly to

3 – Provider References

I only accept references from reputable independent providers you have met in the past 6 months. I highly suggest you give her a notice that I will be contacting her, to expedite the process.
I also accept provider references as a supplement to employment or government ID screening— they will help you make a stronger booking request.

Click here to schedule a date by screening with provider references.

4 – P411

Preferred 411 is a vouching/verification system between companions and admirers. P411 will screen you, then will let me know you are an approved member, while keeping your personal information private.

My P411 ID is P141164
Visit My P411 Profile
Or USE MY CODE for a membership trial (you can thank me later!)

5 – Personal info

Please email me your first and last name, DOB, current city you live in, and a clear photo of yourself. I might contact you for additional information if necessary.

6 – Schedule a date in public

If you do not want to share your personal information, and you do not have reference, scheduling a dinner date or otherwise date in public can allow us to get to know each other enough to find out if we would be a good match. Please visit my “Rates” page for social date rates, then email me with a brief introduction.

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